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Do You Need Wall Cabinets in a Kitchen?

The answer to this question – do you need wall cabinets in a kitchen is subjective.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive fan of wall units because they are not the best use of space in most scenarios. It’s often the case that a designer, both experienced and inexperienced will simply fill the room with as many cabinets as possible, it sometimes feels that they are scared of space. In this blog, I’m going to look at kitchens designed without wall units and what that means for the user.

If you have a small kitchen and need to maximise storage then it’s probably inevitable that you’re going to use kitchen wall cabinets. The reason I am not a big fan of wall units is that they can be impractical and you don’t actually always gain that much storage space, if you wall units now, think about what they are used for, cups? cereal? maybe some spices, it’s just a box on the wall and anything in there is typically badly organised and hard to get to. There are ways to optimise wall units, Olivestone offers a number of features that can be built into wall units that are practical and space-saving.

Take a look at the end spice rack, it is designed to fit onto the end of a run, it is a great way to store your spices and it makes a nice feature.

Olivestone spice rack on end of kitchen wall unit

For those with bigger kitchens, even average-sized, it is a different story.

When you have lot’s of room to design a kitchen, one of, if not the last thought on the list should be wall units, as stated above, typically they are not a great use of storage and are often just put in to “fill the space” well when you put a bit more thought into the process, potentially, you can get a lot more storage space without the need of wall units. One obvious example of this would be to use tall larder type units where you are maximising the storage volume and another would be to use plenty of deep drawers on the base units as this is a huge improvement on the use of space, its so much more practical as you can get much better access to your items, food, accessories ( whatever it is you want to keep in them )

kitchen without wall units
A Kitchen without wall units

The above image is an Olivestone kitchen from the Q-Line range that has been designed without any wall units. As you can see, there is an abundance of practical storage with the use of the large drawer units and the tall larder-style cabinets. Not only does this maximise the space but the design is far better aesthetically.

I don’t know about you but – Do you need wall units in a kitchen?

My answer is typically no and quite often it’s better to avoid using them if possible.

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