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How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

A difficult question and really, it’s impossible to answer without knowing what’s involved, and, even then, you still don’t always know. Here’s what factors how long it takes to fit a kitchen

      1. Size of the room
      2. Is there an existing kitchen with services in situ?
      3. Is the general layout staying the same?
      4. What worktops are being used?
      5. Is there decorating involved?
      6. What style of kitchen, framed or slab doors?
      7. Are the appliances free standing or built in?
      8. Is there any building work?
      9. Is there plastering and if so, exactly what / how / when?
      10. Flooring, if there’s flooring, is it to go under units or upto the units?
      11. Any wall tiles?
      12. Are the units rigid?
      13. Will all the components be available in good condition at start of
      14. install?
      15. Are there internal fittings like magic corners or pull out
      16. mechanisms?
      17. How many trades are involved and how many general fitters onsite
      18. for the project?
      19. Are electrics ready?
      20. Has the kitchen been disposed?
      21. Is the old kitchen being salvaged or skipped?

    If i have all those answers we would have a rough idea of the timeframe to fit the kitchen.

    Example of how long does it take to fit a kitchen

    A medium sized kitchen with similar layout- 14 units = 3 days

    Existing kitchen to be removed and disposed in skip = 1/2 Day

    Granite Worktops – add 2 days to install, upto 10 days to project as there’s time between template and fitting. = 10 days

    Room to be fully painted including ceiling and woodwork, to be completed after worktops but can start before so additional 2 days = 2 days

    The kitchen is framed so add 1 day to install = 1 day

    There’s no building work but a door needs slight reduction at bottom to clear the new flooring = 1/2 Day

    The customer wants the whole room plastered after kitchen ripped out and before new units go in. This adds 10 days ( hopefully ) to the project – it’s a big factor. = 10 days

    Customer having new flooring tiles laid and would like it wall to wall, this would normally add 3 to 4 days but can be done whilst plaster is drying. = 0 days

    All appliances are built in so we will add a day to connect them = 1 day

    All Olivestone rigid units with doors ready fitted so no added time. No wall tiling. = 0 days

    There are three metal mechanisms but these are all Olivestone factory fitted. Also, all units delivered by Olivestone so very slim chance of damaged or missing items = 0 days

    Two fitters on site who are highly skilled multi traders so the only trades are electrician and gas safe engineer. All project managed = 0 days

    The electrics are all ok, a few amendments to add 1 day for first fix = 1 day

    That’s 29 days in total, but it’s possible to shrink that to around 25 days as there’s work that can be well managed whilst plaster is setting for example. The same kitchen could be done and dusted in days, it’s the customers requirements and specifications that are slowing the project – which is fine, you can’t expect everything to be done to a high standard and extremely quickly.

    Always allow some contingency.

    Hope that helps you understand how long does it take to fit a kitchen?

    You can find out how a kitchen is fitted hered

    "Worksurface Makes a Difference to The Time it Takes to Complete a Kitchen Installation"

    white kitchen with carrara corian

    Corian, quartz, granite and other similar solid surfaces will add around two weeks to the total time to complete as the area has to be templated, fabricated and then fitted. You also have to reconnect services such as the hob and sink.

    solid oak kitchen worktop

    Any solid wood will typically be quicker to install as it will usually all be done on-site by the kitchen fitter. It’s a lovely product to work with but can be high maintainance, we advise using Osmo oil for less maintaining.

    kitchen q&a

    Laminate worktops are the quickest install, completed on-site by a fitter, it’s usually no more than a days work to finish laminate worktops in a kitchen installation.

    Are your electrics in need of upgrading?

    electrics ok for kitchen install?

    If you’re having a kitchen fitted be aware that most electrical work must be signed off by a qualified electrician. You’ll want an electrical inspection pass at the end of the project as that’s needed  when you sell your property. 
    An electrician will need to inspect your circuit breakers to ensure they are suitable and meet current regulations.

    More Info Here:

    Has Your Waste Been Considered?

    When kitchen companies are quoting to install your kitchen, make sure you ask what is happening to the waste! There will be a lot of waste from not just the removal of the kitchen but also the new items packaging and materials. Ensure it’s discussed and covered, a typical install will take two medium skips at a cost of over £400.

    kitchen installation
    solid oak kitchen worktop

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