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How much space do I need to Fit an Island into my Kitchen?

Kitchen Island

Honestly, the number of times I’m asked ‘how much space do I need to fit an island into my kitchen’ is astonishing. It often feels like every ‘single’ customer wants an island and sadly, many simply can not have one.

So, let’s start by looking into what a kitchen Island is;

A Kitchen Island is made up of kitchen units and/or worktop that is generally situated somewhere in or near the middle of the room. It could be made up of storage, appliances, and sinks and will often have an area to sit at.

The definition of an island is that you can walk all around it, there’s walking space around the entire piece.

How much space is needed?

How much space is needed? Typically, you’ve got to allow 600mm depth of standard worktop wherever there is a run. Let’s assume we have an L shape kitchen, that’s 600mm required on 2 sides. We also need at least 900mm to allow for walking space on each side. Again, on an L shape kitchen, that’s 600mm and 900mm x 2, because need that walkway on both sides.

That’s 2400mm already; An island is usually at least 900mm deep itself and generally longer the other way. So this means we need a room that’s at least 3300mm wide if there’s going to be a walkway all around it and assuming the length of the island is 1500mm, 3300mm on that side too. Remember, these measurements are absolute minimums.

Kitchen Design Service Island

What happens if you put an Island in with not enough space?

What happens if you put an island in any way? Great question! Let’s just say, you’ll be fed up with it within days of it being fitted; it will drive you nuts. If you don’t believe me, go and mark out 900mm x 1500mm with less than 900mm minimum walk room around it and play the game where you cannot step over the masked line. Come back and let me know how you got on!

Kitchen Island alternatives

Are there alternatives to a kitchen island? Yes, you can. A small IKEA kitchen island that has wheels is an excellent alternative. The wheels are a fabulous feature, allowing you to move/or store the island to the side or away when not in use. Also, there is the option to use a peninsula unit in your kitchen.

What’s the difference between a peninsula and an island?

Very simple, the peninsula sits against one wall in your room so you eliminate one of the minimum 900mm walkways, this now means you can fit it into 2400mm wide room, a massive difference and it comes with all the benefits of an island! There’s also a potential installation benefit, especially if there’s appliances or plumbing required within the units. Very well worth considering this option. However, it’s not an island so you can’t call it one 😉

If you have any further questions about kitchen islands or kitchens in general, please do get in Contact.

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