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Kitchen Design Process

Measure & Survey

We will come to you and provide a full survey, take all the measurements and notations for everything we need to design and provide a quotation to supply and install your new kitchen.

Draft Plans

Having discussed your ideas and wishlist, draft plans will be drawn up and presented to you. We can then make any amendments needed and begin to give some estimates on the project cost.

Final Plans

Once you are happy with the drafts, we will draw up the final plans for your new kitchen as well as providing a full and detailed quotation


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Kitchen Designer Swindon
Stuart Miles | Kitchen Design | Olivestone

I’ve always been a creative person and definitely found my talent at an early age when I was employed as a kitchen design consultant at just nineteen years old.

Let’s just say that was a little over twenty years ago. Over that time, I’ve had a lot of experience designing incredible kitchens, it’s my passion and I absolutely love what I do.

It’s not just designing, I am competent at fitting kitchens, I’ve got a vast array of skills and knowledge with building work in general and this is a real advantage when designing a kitchen. I never allow the usual constraints to stop me from delivering the ultimate kitchen to the client, if something is causing a problem with the desired finish, it can almost always be overcome, I hate to use such a cliche but you really do have to think outside the box sometimes.

If a door is in an awkward position then consider moving it! The number of times I’ve seen customers about to spend thousands on a kitchen and making big sacrifices because there’s a door or window in the wrong place, literally for a few extra hundred pounds it can be often be moved, reduced in size, or completely taken out. I always strive to achieve the full potential of a property, I am constantly striving for the very best result. Whilst I have this knowledge, I am still learning new techniques every day.

Typically, this isn’t always the most cost-effective way to plan and buy a kitchen, that really isn’t what my goal is, I will try to work to your budget but our kitchens are not budget kitchens, our aim is to provide the very best design, service and installation process, compromise isn’t an option when you buy an Olivestone kitchen.

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Kitchen Design Swindon

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OliveStone Designs - Excellence is Standard

At Olivestone, we believe it’s worth going that bit further to ensure that the outcome is the very best it can be. We don’t like to compromise, if you’re investing in the kitchen of your dreams its always worth striving to get it right. You download our brochure here

OliveStone Designs - Example of Design Improvement

So often we see kitchens designed in a way that work but are just not fulfilling the potential of the room, whether that’s the aethetics, the storage or practical use of the kitchen, too often a design is rushed with the all important key factors missed. Let’s take a look at this example, I recently was handed a kitchen design for my expert opinion, I thought it could be massively improved so I went to work, I copied the designers work and then looked at the ways in which I could improve it.

Average Kitchen Design

Kitchen design improvement 1

Nothing drastically wrong with this design, no rules broken. However, I can do it better and I’m going to break down how I did it.

My first observation was the dishwasher, it stands out like a sore thumb, also the fridge looks like an afterthought, just plonked on the end like a sad outsider.

It’s very lazy that a sink wasn’t even put in this design, it’s also going to go in the 1000mm base that isn’t in-line with the window, I personally detest that, it’s a real pet hate.

Average Kitchen Design First Changes

kitchen design with american fridge freezer

The first change then, I’ve split the two larder units and placed the American fridge freezer between them. I have then added a top box above the fridge to create a nice boxed in look.

I’ve also added a little bit of storage – You just know that the family are going to dump all kinds of treasure on top of that fridge, at least now its nicely hidden away from sight!  

Average Kitchen Design Second Changes

Kitchen design with intergrated dishwasher

Now the dishwasher is gone, absolutely crazy to invest in a kitchen project like this and to not intergrate a dishwasher. I have also removed those odd units and replaced with more practical use of the space. In the centre of the window is the dishwasher and a 600mm sink base to the left, this allows for the sink drainer to be over the dishwasher, both aesthetically pleasing and practical, I do this on almost all my kitchen designs. I have also removed placed two 450mm base units either side of the sink/dishasher. One of these units is internal drawers and the other has a pull out bin. So much better use of the space!

Average Kitchen Design Third Changes

Kitchen design large drawers

Previously there were two 1000 base units either side of the range cooker. I have replaced them with large three drawer base units, both with an extremely useful 1000mm cutlery draw and two deep pan drawers so that’s six decent drawers, a much better use of the space than standard units that you have to climb inside every time you need to find that blender lid. These drawers are amazing and you can get brilliant accessories to fit into them to become super organised. You might also note that I have taken the wall units either side of the extractor, mainly because there was no gap between the wall units and the cooker hood, an absolute nightmare when you come to clean it. 

Average Kitchen Design Fourth Changes

kitchen design with glass wall units

I have now balanced the wall units, I have put a 500mm and a 400 glass wall unit each side of the extractor.

This means we now have a 100mm space on either side of the hood so cleaning is now no longer an issue, and, the two glass units will become a feature with lights and some pretty Christmas glasses. For balance the units are handed facing in towards the cooker hood. 

Average Kitchen Design Fifth Changes

kitchen design change seven

Can you see what I’ve done here?

That’s right, I have created a box above the wall units, this sits approx 300mm down from the ceiling and would run all round the room, at the same depth as the base units 600mm. The beauty of this is that we can now create a nice flush finish as well as boxing in electrics, the ducting for the cooker hood and we can put some spotlights above the sink area. Another cool feature you can do with this is led lighting around the perimeter, we might also consider adding a dropped ceiling of 100mm in the centre as you can really make a lighting feature of that.

Average Kitchen Design Sixth Changes

kitchen design with lovely tap

The design is starting to take shape

I have now changed the internal colour of the glass cabinets to a lovely blue, this will look amazing with the lighting. I actually realised that on the original plan, they hadn’t even added a sink and tap, this is now fixed.

I’ve added a nice tall tap and an under-mounted 1.5B sink

The extractor was a bit bulky so I have swapped for a model with curved glass which will also work well with the units either side

Average Kitchen Design Seventh Changes

Now, I’m adding finishing touches

I have added the worktop upstands and next I will put in a splashback. 

When using a solid surface worktop, you can have drainer grooves added which is a nice touch but my favourite thing about solid surfaces is that you can replace the window board with the same worktop material and so that it sits flush to the upstand which creates a wonderfully smooth and really practical area around the sink.

Microwaves on the worktop are big headache so I have added an integrated one to the wall unit left of the window.

Not an Average Kitchen Design

stuart miles kitchen design

Here is my final drawing

I hope you agree, its a big improvement. I’ve added some more feature lighting, some graphics, decor and improved the resolution quality. 

The cost difference between these two designs will be significant but in my opinion, well worth it.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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