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Kitchen Extensions & Building Work

So you’re thinking of extending your home or making alterations giving you more space for a bigger kitchen

But where do you start with a project like this?
Usually, you’d start by going to an architect who will then proceed to draw up building plans, which is then given to the builder, the extension is built and then the kitchen designer is invited to fill the space. 

It is my opinion that this isn’t the best way for a kitchen extension project to proceed. We encourage our customers to plan their project differently.

As our kitchen designer has a vast amount of experience in planning, installation and building work, we find that this is a better way to undertake a kitchen extension project. 

Step One | Free Consultation
We will spend some time chatting about your ideas and thoughts, discuss budgets and timescales. 

Step Two | Undertake Survey
Our designer will come out and undertake a full survey of the property, taking notes of all the important factors, taking measurements of the entire area. We will take note of the property charactoristics, any obstructions and drainage points. 

Step Three | Plans Drawn
We will draw up plans that take into account all the property inforamtion obtained at the survey, however, the big difference is that we will be designing the project around the kitchen, so for example, doors and windows would be placed to suit the kitchen design, not the other way round. Once you are happy with the kitchen layout, our plans can be passed to a planning consultant who can give it the heads up and draw up the final building plans, as much of his work has already been completed by our designer, there is ususally a discounted charge for that service. Our fee will be a fraction of that and we will refund it, should you wish to proceed with the kitchen.

kitchen extension

Full installation, building work and project management undertaken by Olivestone

kitchen design architect drawing

Pre-Architect drawings produced by Olivestone so that the entire project is built to suit the kitchen, this ensures that you get the very best design.

Olivestone kitchen and interiors

At Olivestone, we don’t just design a kitchen to fit the space, we look at the entire build project, the kitchen layout, storage and the interior design. We will work with you every at every stage and deliver your ideal kitchen.

White and pink kitchen

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