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Using filler panels in a kitchen. Why it’s good practice

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I’ll get asked quite frequently whether our Kitchens are bespoke and have made-to-measure cabinets.

Firstly, yes, most certainly our Kitchens are bespoke, they also have the option of made-to-measure doors and cabinets. However, in almost every kitchen I’m using standard sizes as I don’t typically need to use any bespoke sizes.

Many Kitchens will benefit from using a filler panel somewhere in the room. Let’s just take a few examples of how filler panels can be helpful when designing a kitchen.

Scenario 1. The property is old, it’s a cottage, and not only are the walls out of square but they also have a wall on a vertical slant. There’s a gap of 75mm remaining that I intend to fill with a filler panel because the panel can be scribed to the wall.

It’s difficult to scribe and in some cases impossible to scribe a cabinet so having the panel allows us to do this.

Another reason is that we often put tall appliances up against a wall in the corner and it’s ideal if we use a filler panel because that will enable us to fully open the fridge/appliance without obstruction, it’s often the case that an integrated fridge freezer will need an additional 50mm to 150mm to be able to open the doors enough to remove trays and other accessories within the fridge.

My advice is not to get caught up with avoiding filler panels, they are almost nonexistent in the grand scheme of the kitchen and usually aid the design.

Filler Panel in Kitchen Right Side of Intergrated Fridge

in the image above, there’s a filler panel to the right of the fridge, this was intentionally fitted because we didn’t need a filler other than to ensure the fridge had enough clearance. The point of this is to emphasise that the filler panel in this instance is irrelevant, it’s just good practice!

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