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Whats different about a German kitchen?

Want to know what’s different about a German kitchen? In this post, I’m going to explain a few points of difference between our two major kitchen cabinet suppliers, Mereway and Hacker.

Mereway – English Kitchen
  • Our English kitchens are available in solid wood finish, whereas the Hacker Kitchens don’t offer this; neither do they have a framed option, everything is sit on. So if it’s the wood effect you’re looking for, English Kitchens are the perfect choice for you.
English Kitchen
Hacker – German Kitchen
  • All German Kitchens are very modern in design, there are some exceptions but it’s almost all flat lines in simple colours.
  • German kitchens have a lot more cabinet options, for example, you can choose a kitchen that has slightly higher door fronts on the base units, either making the plinths smaller or giving you a higher working height.
  • Designing a German Kitchen is not an easy task, the options are so vast. It can be a bit overwhelming. German Kitchens will take longer from start to finish due to this.
  • The downside to German kitchens is that there isn’t currently any option to have a wood effect colour-coordinated cabinet. Although the Germans don’t make solid wood doors, there are wood effect slab doors, and it would be good to have that option.
  • Believe it or not, German Kitchens are overall slightly more cost-effective than Engish Kitchens. For example, if our average kitchen was £25,000 with our English supplier, it would be around £22,500 for something similar in Hacker.
German Kitchen
Similar points
  • Both kitchen manufacturers supply rigid units with soft close drawer boxes.
  • Both Hacker and Mereway offer very similar delivery times, usually around six to eight weeks. The time is in the manufacturing, so this is why they both are on similar lead times.

Hopefully, this has given you a good overview of what’s different about German kitchens.

How we can help you

At Olivestone we offer a very comprehensive design service so all this will be discussed with you in great detail so that you don’t miss anything important or have any regrets after your kitchen is fitted.

If you’d like to explore our design service for an English or German kitchen then click here – Kitchen Design Service

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